Breast Enlargement Treatment In Liverpool

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Are you looking for breast enlargement treatment in Liverpool?

Breast Enlargement (Augmentation) can increase breast size and may improve shape and enhance breast symmetry.

What is a Breast Augmentation or a ‘Boob Job’?

A Breast Augmentation is known as a “Breast Enlargement” or a “Boob Job”.  It’s the most popular and widely performed procedure in plastic surgery. So if you would like to know more or have questions about breast enlargement treatments in Liverpool please call 0151 669 1114 to book a consultation.
With ever rising possibilities in the field of breast implants, it has been a blessing for women with smaller cup sizes.  Breast implants are the most developed and researched area in cosmetic surgery with excellent and extremely satisfying results for the ladies.

A breast augmentation can increase the breast size and may improve shape and enhance breast symmetry. Following breast augmentation there is no evidence of any interference with the ability to breastfeed. Please note that should you need to undergo breast cancer screening (mammogram), inform the person performing the screening that an implant is in place.

Mr Rizwani Alvi has over twenty years of experience within the breast cosmetic surgery and breast reconstruction field. This gives him a unique set of skills to deal with a variety of different breast shapes, sizes and congenital problems.

Breast enlargement, involves the insertion of a silicone breast implant to increase the size of the breast and, in some cases, improve the shape of the breast as well. Breasts can be made larger by placing an implant either under the breast tissue or behind the muscle on which the breast lies. Implants are usually inserted through incisions in the fold under the breast.

It is also possible to enlarge the breasts using fat harvested from another area of the patient’s body, such as the abdomen or the buttocks. We now offer HYBRID breast augmentation, a combination of implant and fat transfer.

Hybrid surgery is a combination of fat transfer and implant. This allows the surgeon to mould the breast to more optimal shape.

Types Of Breast Implants

There are different types of implant available and Mr Alvi will discuss these with you to help you decide what is right for you. Implants can be round or shaped and can have different surfaces (smooth, micro textured, textured) and the projection of the implants varies (moderate, high, extra high etc).

We use Motiva ergonomic with Q implants. The Q stands for a chip inside the implant which allows for traceability. Motiva are one of the most innovative implant manufacturers. The ergonomic type of gel helps to give a more anatomical shape to the breast.

Under & Over The Muscle

There is a lot of misinformation about placement of implants. No implant is inserted ‘into’ the breast tissue. The implant is either under the breast tissue (over the chest wall muscle i.e. pectoralis major muscle) or under the muscle. The surgeon will explain the reasons and pros and cons of each type of placement to you after examining you.

Who Will Benefit From a Boob Enhancement?

The ideal reasons for breast implants include asymmetry, disproportionate size of breast to body physique, personal preferences, sagged breast due to aging etc. Females of young to old age can have breast implants. There is wide range of materials, shapes and sizes in which the implants are available. Obviously subject to the choice of the client, followed by the consultations by our highly experienced surgeon, Mr Alvi.

Breast enlargement is a long term commitment and we recommend you think carefully about it before deciding to proceed. The implant lifespan is approximately 15 years and you will be committed to having the implants removed and possibly replaced at that stage.

We encourage our clients to book an appointment with us if they are willing to have implants, so that we can guide them through the process to benefit from Mr Alvi’s expertise.

Breast Enlargement Treatment In Liverpool

If you would like to know more or have questions about breast enlargement treatments in Liverpool please call 01244 421 028 to book a consultation.