Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in North Wales

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in North Wales

Looking for a Plastic Surgeon in North Wales?

Every day, cosmetic surgeries are carried out on patients looking to make a change to their appearance. Patients looking for cosmetic plastic surgery in North Wales can explore the vast range of options with Mr Rizwan Alvi and his team at the Nuffield Health Chester Hospital, The Grosvenor.

Cosmetic plastic surgery may help to reduce the effects of ageing or it may help to change the appearance of part of your body. Most patients looking for plastic surgery have an issue or concern about some part of their body and want to enhance its appearance. Cosmetic plastic surgery can leave people feeling more self-confident and with improved self-esteem.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Treatments

Cosmetic surgery is much more accessible than it used to be. Demand is also increasing and patients in North Wales and surrounding areas have the benefit of being able to easily access the quality services of Mr Rizwan Alvi and his team. Mr Alvi is committed to helping patients achieve the look they’re hoping for and enhance and improve any areas they consider a concern.

Cosmetic treatments can involve major surgery, or they can be minor and even non-surgical. More subtle treatments are helping halt the ageing process and enhance their appearance in a way they’ve been hoping for.

Cosmetic Surgery in North Wales

Mr Alvi performs a wide range of different cosmetic surgery procedures for patients in North Wales and the surrounding area. He specialises in many areas including:

  • General plastic surgery including breast, face and body treatments
  • Non-surgical facial rejuvenation including Botox and fillers
  • Male cosmetic treatments including pectoral implants
  • Skin lesion removal and repair
  • Weight loss body contouring

All surgeries and treatments are only carried out where fully appropriate. At your consultation with Mr Alvi you’ll have the chance to discuss your expectations and hopes. In turn, he will give you an honest assessment of your options and offer the best possible solution in every instance. With a focus on each patient’s all-round health, Mr Alvi ensures patients are fully ready for any treatment.

Mr Alvi has specialised in plastic surgery since 1993 and has trained around the UK to enhance his experience and knowledge. Mr Alvi has held his specialist FRCA (Plast) qualification in 2001 and has an exceptional reputation amongst UK and overseas colleagues.

Appointments for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in North Wales

Anybody considering plastic surgery and or non-surgical cosmetic procedures can make an appointment at one of Mr Alvi’s clinics. You can make an appointment with Mr Alvi at the Nuffield Grosvenor Hospital on 01244 421 028. Alternatively, you can fill out this contact form.