Inverted nipple correction treatment in Chester

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Treatment for inverted nipple correction in Chester

Mr Alvi, located at Nuffield Health, Chester, is a highly experienced and fully accredited consultant plastic surgeon. He understands that when it comes to our bodies, there are things we focus on that can be a source of embarrassment and psychological difficulties for men and women even if they are a perfect size and shape.

One of these characteristics can be a small as the inverted nipple. They are usually caused by pregnancy, obesity or is simply a genetic quality. Whatever the cause, if you’re struggling with being happy with it, Mr Alvi might have a solution for you.

Mr Alvi and his dedicated team can guide you through every step of the procedure and get you your desired look.


What is inverted nipple correction, Chester?

With the patient’s health and wellbeing in mind, Mr Alvi will provide a 45-minute discussion of your requirement, in which he will explain what can and cannot be achieved. It’s vital to understand all the benefits and risks before surgery.

Once you have decided on the surgery, you will be called into the hospital before the operations for a pre-op assessmentwhich may include blood tests and specific measurements.

The operation itself is then booked in and performed under local anaesthesia which numbs the area around the nipple so that you do not feel pain or discomfort. Patients rarely receive general anaesthesia, which involves going into a controlled sleep, but it is an option for some circumstances.

The procedure takes from 1 to 2 hours. An incision is made along the areola, and the nipple is repositioned in its everted form.

Post-operation, you will be discharged the same day. You may feel some soreness and swelling, but this is normal and will resolve quickly. The scarring from the surgery is minimal, and the results can be seen immediately after dressings are removed. Strenuous activity is discouraged during the 2-3 week recovery period. Examples of successful inverted nipple corrections Chester can be seen on Mr Alvi’s website.

The practice is located at Nuffield Health in Chester, meaning it is covered by the Care Quality Commission responsible for regulating hospitals and registered medical clinics through monitoring and inspections. All of the hospitals are subject to the same level of scrutiny and review as NHS facilities.


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